Minimum Requirements:

  1. Relevant Engineering degree – Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electrical, Avionic, or other studies relevant to the maintenance of aircraft/aircraft components; or
  2. Aircraft maintenance engineering license qualified on the relevant types; or
  3. A Pilot with extensive aviation experience relating to aircraft maintenance exceeding 5 years;
  4. Thorough knowledge with the organization’s Maintenance Control System;
  5. Knowledge of the relevant types of aircraft;
  6. Knowledge of maintenance methods;
  7. Part 121 and 135 experience;
  8. A familiarity with aviation management systems;
  9. Five (5) years relevant working experience of which at least two should be in the aviation industry.

This position reports directly to the Accountable Manager, in his absence the Maintenance Manager or a delegate appointed by the PRA will carry out the duties and responsibilities of the PRA.

  1. The Person Responsible Aircraft shall ensure that:
    1. That no aircraft is operated by WESTAIR unless such an aircraft is maintained and released to service by an aircraft maintenance organization approved according to NAM CARs 43. All aircraft used in providing the air service comply with the aircraft engineering and maintenance provisions of the NAM CARs. All aircraft which are used in providing the air service contain a file with all the necessary documentation: Certificate of registration; Certificate of airworthiness; Certificate of release to service, a certified copy of the valid AOC; a copy of valid insurance papers, a valid and paid-up radio license; and the aircraft weight and balance document
    2. Ensure that all necessary checklists are on board: Normal, emergency and security checklists
    3. Ensure that the POH/AFM and all necessary manuals for special equipment are on board: GPS; HF radio, etc.
    4. Ensure that the Flight Folio and, where applicable, deferred defect record is kept on board each aircraft, together with a MEL where applicable.
    5. Ensure that all emergency equipment is on board each aircraft, that there is a suitable supply of emergency water and that the date of the emergency water replacement is present and valid
    6. All aircraft, which are used in providing the air service, is inspected, repaired, overhauled, maintained or modified in accordance with the NAM CARs.
    7. Maintenance records and the aircraft logbooks containing details of aircraft engines, aircraft components, engine components and other specified item or equipment shall be kept, preserved and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the NAM CARs.
    8. All aircraft, aircraft engines, aircraft components, aircraft engine components and other specified item or equipment that are owned, hired or exclusively managed by WESTAIR and are used in providing the air service shall furthermore be engineered, maintained, inspected, constructed, overhauled, repaired and modified in accordance with the Manual of Procedure (MOP/MOE) of each specific Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) as contracted by WESTAIR.
    9. The PRA shall further ensure that the mentioned AMO is licensed in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations to carry out maintenance on the aircraft being operated by WESTAIR.
    10. Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Chapter, no aircraft shall be maintained by the AMO, unless the PRA has satisfied himself that:
      1. A copy of the AMO certificate of the AMO maintaining a particular aircraft, as well as the Certificate of Airworthiness (or a certified true copy thereof) of that aircraft, is kept on file at WESTAIR.
      2. A copy of the defect report, if any, at the termination of the last previous flight of an aircraft, plus, a copy of the documentation relating to the defect removal of such a defect, shall be kept on file by WESTAIR.
  2. Additional duties
    1. He participates in any committee as agreed with the AM.
    2. He will advise the MFO of maintenance related changes to be added to the Operations Manual.
    3. Feedback and Company Internal Communications Service (Briefing Notices and Operating Instructions):
    4. Provide regular feedback at instructors, and pilot’s, meetings as well as to other interest groups in the company regarding MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS.
    5. Draw up on behalf of the AM written communications regarding MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS, to be authorized and then issued via company’s internal communications service.
  3. Liaison Functions:
    1. Liaise with other functional offices within WESTAIR.
    2. Liaise with the NCAA on all AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE related matters.
    3. Liaise with other relevant external agencies on behalf of the Company in the area of AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE.
    4. Participate in industry associations, conferences and meetings, especially in the field of AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE.
    5. To establish and maintain rapport with Corporate Executives, Customers and Industry Associates.
  4. Financial Responsibility:
    1. Maintains the cutting edge of safety awareness versus profitability when deciding on non-essential maintenance issues. Is responsible in making sure that money is not wasted, and downtime is minimized.
    2. To participate when required in post maintenance check flights and occasional route flights to be able to observe and review flight operational Practices that have a bearing on maintenance.
    3. Conduct any special project or accept additional responsibilities as agreed with the AM.
    4. Is part of the committee that decides the elements of the maintenance program.
    5. Is part of the committee that negotiates the maintenance agreements.
    6. Makes suggestions to top management for the scheduling of paintwork, re-upholstering and other improvements as he deems necessary

Preference will be given to Namibian Citizens.

Closing date: 31 December 2023