We are seeking skilled and experienced pilots to join our team. As a pilot, you will be responsible for safely operating our aircraft and ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers and crew.


  • Operate aircraft in compliance with all relevant regulations and safety standards.
  • Conduct pre-flight inspections and review flight plans and weather conditions.
  • Communicate with air traffic control and navigate during flights.
  • Perform take-offs and landings, managing aircraft systems and controls.
  • Respond to emergency situations and take necessary actions to ensure safety.
  • Collaborate with co-pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel for smooth flight operations.
  • Maintain accurate records of flight activities and comply with reporting requirements.
  • Participate in ongoing training and professional development.


  • Valid CPL License
  • Valid C208 Type Rating
  • Minimum 800 hours Total Time
  • Minimum 500 Total PIC
  • Minimum 25 hours PIC on Type
  • Willing to travel for extensive periods (6-12 weeks) (Africa)
  • Preference will be given to Namibian Citizens

Westair Aviation (Pty) Ltd has the following vacancy available and invites all suitably qualified candidates to apply before or on 31 August 2024.